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PingStatus is a super useful app that makes it easier for you to access information regarding your internet connection in real time. The app checks your connection by sending a Ping package to a specific address. By doing so, you can find out if your connection is getting lost or is losing too much data when it sends or receives information. With PingStatus you’ll always have an updated graph of information such as the state of your correction, the packages that you send and receive, the ones that have gotten lost and the delivery level of the application form and response of ICMP packages.

This app is helpful for controlling the uploading and downloading limits of your downloading manager, for example. Also, because you have control over the connection losses, you can find out whether you’re fully taking advantage of the services you’re paying the service provider for.

PingStatus definitely is a really good app that helps you find out the state of your connection at any moment. It makes your browsing experience better and helps you control all the values that could affect performance.

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